Photo Transfer

To create my photo transfer pieces, I start with a wood panel or canvas and then apply a layer of metal leaf or paint. On top of that I do the photo transfer. In some cases the photo is printed directly, otherwise I do what is called a Gel Transfer. There are many ways to transfer photos and I won’t begin to describe them all, the fun part is in the experimentation. On top of the photo layer I pour clear polyurethane, epoxy, and acrylic  resins mixed with various pigments and metallic elements.
I like the idea of using modern technologies such as digital photo editing software in combination with ageless materials and techniques for a “modern/antique” look.


Infusing pigments, oxides, and minerals into clear liquid polymer and allowing gravity to do its work, colors and textures flow and fuse in unique formations. This method of working I call Zatori style. I use canvas, cement, metal, wood, and sheets of Sintra (PVC) as a base for the panels.
I was deeply moved by a 2006 movie called "The Fountain" the visuals are outstanding and done without computers. If you see that, you know where I am coming from. I listen to the film soundtrack quite often when I want to go into a meditative phase of my work. That is perhaps my favorite part of what I do. I look forward to becoming adept and experienced enough to be able to work while all my materials and tools "disappear". This has happened to me in my photography work- it is just myself in communion with a natural higher power.