As a sensory receptor for the universe, I open myself to the great mysteries and create my version of a visual passion for others to enjoy.  Floods and storms, faraway galaxies, precious stones and sea creatures are my inspiration. The forces of creation and destruction, from the miniscule to the cosmic, are just waiting for the human mind to interpret during our brief existence on this earthly plane. I am drawn to the sensuous and healing qualities of color and always look for new ways to connect the outer and inner realms.
Artist’s Statement
My art endeavors are self-taught, with diligence and devotion as my curriculum and the joy of learning as my textbook. I love to test and experiment with a variety of materials and processes while keeping careful notes for future reference.

I create my work at my home, which I share with my wife and two children,  on our eight acre sanctuary with its grasslands, forest, and lush beachfront where the Nooksack River meets Bellingham Bay in western Washington.